All Natural Deodorant

Our Story

In 2007 I was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer which resulted in a lot of paranoia concerning chemicals I put in and on my body. I tried many "natural" deodorants but was constantly disappointed in their effectiveness, so subsequently stopped using deodorant altogether.

Knowing my concerns, a friend gave me a chemical-free homemade deodorant made entirely of organic ingredients. I was amazed that it actually worked--better, in fact, than the deodorant/anti-perspirant I had used pre-cancer. We set about perfecting the recipe and decided to share this discovery with friends and family, and our homemade deodorant was born.

We received so much great feedback that I, with the help of my husband John and my mom Pam, decided to start Salubritas LLC(Latin for healthfulness and wholesomeness) and make our deodorant more widely available so we could help other people live healthier lives too.  


Our mission is to provide an effective alternative to chemical-laden body care products for the health-conscious individual in an earth-friendly way.

SalubritasTM--for your good health and wholesomeness!

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