All Natural Deodorant


1. Why should I apply the deodorant with my hands?

There are two reasons why I think it is important to apply deodorant with your hands: (1) to be in regular contact with that area of your body (I know a couple of women whose breast cancer was initially detected after they discovered enlarged lymph nodes in the armpit region), and (2) massaging it in stimulates the lymphatic system.

2. Will my hands or underarms be messy after applying?
No, the butters and oils will absorb into your skin, leaving it silky soft.

3. Does the stick have to be applied by hand?

No, the stick can simply be swiped on, but then you're missing out on the daily massage and lymph node check. :-)  Of course, you can always massage after swiping the stick.

4. Where can I buy Salubritas body products?

Visit our
Online Store or Products page for retail locations.

5. How long will a stick or tin last?

They generally last about 3-4 months depending upon use.

6. Does Salubritas work for men?

Yes! In fact, my husband John skeptically started using it and was astonished that it worked better than the name-brand deodorant he was using. It's even been Moab-Mountain-Bike tested! :-)  Men particularly like the Rosemary Sage or Unscented versions.

7. Will I still sweat?

Yes, and this is a good and natural body function. Antiperspirants work by plugging the sweat ducts with aluminum-based compounds, thereby blocking the natural flow of sweat. Salubritas All Natural Deodorant Balm is not an antiperspirant so it does not clog the sweat ducts, and its deodorizing properties neutralize the odor.

8. Is it effective after working out?

Depending upon your body chemistry, the deodorant balm is generally effective all day. However, sometimes I apply it after a workout and it's like taking an "instant shower" that neutralizes the odors. John applied it after mountain biking in Moab all day then went out to dinner, and nobody at the restaurant objected to his presence.   :-)

9. What does "Salubritas" mean?

We chose the name Salubritas for our company because it is Latin for good health and wholesomeness.

SalubritasTM--for your good health and wholesomeness





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